Pull up a comfy cyber chair, pour yourself an online latte and make yourself at home – you have reached the section of my site reserved for the grown-ups. If you’re looking for information about my children’s books, school visits or teaching resources, please wander across the road to my kids’ site here.

My name is Maz Evans and I am an author. That’s it, really. I’ve done plenty of other things – I’ve been a journalist, creative writing lecturer and even worked on a medieval joke stall for a while. But I always say that if you snapped me in half, you’d find pencil lead running through my spine. And that if you did, could you kindly pay for the reconstructive surgery, seems only fair.

I am the proud author of the WHO LET THE GODS OUT?, VI SPY and SCARLETT FIFE series for the young (and young-at-heart), which have sold over half a million copies to 22 countries worldwide. My debut adult novel OVER MY DEAD BODY is a comedy crime caper out in August 2023 and you can order it here.

I enjoy a busy event and festival schedule and would love to come and speak or run a workshop at yours. Do drop me a line via Meet Maz and I hope I can come and see you soon.

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My debut adult novel

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Hello? Can you hear me? Probably not. I'm Dr Miriam Price . . . and I'm dead. The local police, who couldn't investigate their own nostrils, think I drank myself into an early grave. The nerve! I was murdered. I was just too plastered to know whodunnit, that's all. Unless I prove to my inquest this week that my death was no 'misadventure', I'm condemned to 50 years in Limbo. I have to find my killer but I can't communicate with any living human.

For the love of creativity…

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I am also the founder of Meraki, my free online creative writing school that aims to ensure that everyone can access creativity without cost. I run free online workshops during three terms a year – you can catch up on the latest one or sign up for the next here.