Creative writing is my passion and when I’m not writing my own work, I love nothing more than inspiring imagination in other people. I have travelled all over the country, helping hundreds of thousands of people to write – and not one of them has been unable to produce a story in my classes.

So that I can visit more schools and keep costs down for stretched budgets, I offer both full- and half-day visits:

Half-Day Author Visit

 Cost = £350 + travel expenses (travel exes to be split if visiting another school in your area that day)


Full-Day Author Visit

 Cost = £700 inclusive of all travel expenses


Skype Q&A

If you'd like to chat with Maz online, I offer hour-long Skype sessions for £100 per hour (pro rata).


My school visit days are Tuesdays and Thursdays

If you are interested, do please let me know your area, nearest train station and possible dates.

If you would like to book a school visit, please send me a message via the contact page.

So check out Maz’s menu…