Maz has served up her creative writing chaos at primary schools and literary festivals around the country - and the critics have loved it...

Children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the session and were buzzing about books and reading all day!
Cockton Hill Junior, January 2023
heart wings
Thank you so much Maz. The children were all so inspired by your visit and have been even more excited than they already were about reading Who Let The Gods Out. We've even seen an impact on their writing, your comments about the writing and editing process has made the children more meticulous and thoughtful in their writing! I can't express our thanks enough!
Gatley Primary, Jan 2023
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Thank you so much for your virtual visit today. The children (and adults!) loved it. We were in admiration at your energy and the children now think you are hilarious as well as being an incredible author!😊They are very inspired.
Welton St Marys Primary, Jan 2023heart wings
The children (and staff) were absolutely buzzing after your visit. They loved every minute of it. Our Year 6s enjoyed the Q&A session VERY much. They laughed at your stories and felt motivated to write themselves. Having a special reading of 'Who Let the Gods Out' (a book that has become a firm favourite with both children and adults alike), was such a treat. The whole visit was a truly fantastic way to promote reading for pleasure across the school. 
A fantastic visit full of stories and laughter and happy ever afters!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Kingfisher Hall Academy, Jan 2023heart wings

We are absolutely mad for Maz Evans! The divine author visited Wandsworth Preparatory School to share details of her literary powers to the Upper School pupils who have been looking at Ancient Greece and mythology. Maz was an absolute goddess of entertainment and enrichment; she had a fantastic approach to her workshop, she had such an engaging and natural way with young people and adults alike! Discussions were based around the origins of her mythological novels and explaining her writing process, and she also answered a vast range of questions about being an author. Circe's hypnotic powers were nothing compared to Maz's so we cannot wait for her to come back from Elysium (Dorset) and grace us with her presence once more.
Wandsworth Prep School, January 2023heart wings

Thank you for today, we were all buzzing after the zoom call!! Reading the book afterwards was even more magical!
Great Denham Primary, January 2023

heart wingsFinally, a few minutes peace to sit and write you an email to tell you how UTTERLY EPIC your visit to our school was.
Honestly, the feedback has been over-whelmingly wonderful and the children have been absolutely bouncing!   All around the playground children have been talking about who has read which of your books and who had their photo taken with you at the book sale.   Weeks later, we're still feeling the magic as your books continue to fly off the shelf! The icing on the cake has been hearing chatter about you and your books amongst a group of children who are notoriously tricky to engage...I've been grinning from ear to ear ever since. Your passion is palpable and your energy infectious and we feel so incredibly lucky to have been able to welcome you to our school.  Thank you. 
Swanmore Primary, Nov 22heart wings
Such a great workshop thank you. They were really buzzing afterwards. Really good fun. I had a few come up to me afterwards and say they were putting your books on their Christmas list (#winner!).
Beaulieu Primary School, Nov 2022
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Thank you so much for your virtual visit. All staff and children are absolutely buzzing! We didn't stop laughing for the whole time and now reading your book, we can absolutely hear your voice writing it. 
All of our writing this term is based around Who Let the Gods out and after your visit even our most reluctant writers can't wait to get on. One has even said she's going to write a book! 
Our current focus around reading is doing it for pleasure and you have definitely sent our children on their way to the library in search of your books!
Athersley North Primary School, Nov 2022heart wings

Maz provided an engaging and unforgettable experience for the upper school at St. Marks, Ealing. The children were so excited to meet the author of the book they're enjoying so much and Maz made them all feel really valued as she discussed her career and works, and provided personal and insightful answers into her own personal history and experiences as a writer. We can't wait to have her back and treat our next cohort to the same experience.
St Mark's Ealing - Oct 2022heart wings

cannot recommend Maz Evans highly enough. Maz delivered a fantastic assembly & Q&A, covering all of her books with her unique, exuberant and hilarious style! Children and staff were entertained and inspired in equal measure and very keen to read more of her amazing books. She sets an extremely high bar for author visits of the future and will go down in history as one of the finest author visits we have ever had. Any school booking her will not be disappointed – we already want her back to visit again!
Nicholas Hawksmoor Primary, October 2022heart wings

Maz led a very engaging, inspiring and humorous assembly and Q&A session for our pupils from Year 3 - 8 and encouraged a real love of reading for pleasure. Feedback from pupils and staff was so positive and her books are still flying off the library shelves, I had to buy more copies of everything! Thank you for a fabulous visit
St Aubyn's School, October 2022

heart wingsI just wanted to say a massive 'thank you' for the workshop today! The older children had read and enjoyed 'Who Let The Gods Out' and 'Vi Spy' so they were very excited! It was a great experience for the younger ones as well. Many of the children in the workshop have expressed a desire to be an author when they are older, so it was an amazing opportunity for them to ask a real author some questions. Your sense of humour is fantastic and I think it's an experience they will remember for a long time!
Sayes Court Primary, July 2022heart wings

We wanted to say thank you for the brilliant session today. There's not many people out there who can hold the attention of 90 children at this point in the school year, especially when they're all melting in such stuffy classrooms! There was a real buzz after we met you and you've left our readers excited and inspired.
Grove Road Community Primary, June 2022heart wings

The children absolutely loved meeting you and left the meeting feeling star struck. Children said 'Out of all the books we've read, Maz Evans is by far our favourite author so meeting her made our day!'.

We've pre-ordered Vi Spy 3 already!

Thanks again, so much fun!

Catcott Primary School, June 2022heart wings

Thank you so much for your time today - we had a great time. The children and staff thought you were hilarious and it was the perfect session after a few tough terms (well... years!). Your messages about writing, reading and just life in general were exactly what we want our children to hear.

I would absolutely recommend a visit from Maz! Next time I will be booking an in-person visit (the virtual one was fab but we would like to keep her for longer!).

The kids said:

'She was hilarious'
'I can't wait to read the rest of the books'
'Can we get all of her books in library?' - we will be doing this by the way!
'I wish she would write about our class!'

Thank you so much again!

The Hill Primary, May 2022heart wings

Maz came with bags of enthusiasm, wit and entertainment. The children (and adults!) hung on every word as she told them how she had tried and failed, tried and failed and then, finally succeeded. Her message instilled something deep in them. They saw first hand how success comes after a lot of hard work. The children laughed and felt comfortable and left with the funny little phrases she'd said engraved on their mind. OFSTED were in and were so happy to see an author we'd studied (WLTGO) sharing her writing processes and lessons learned. She delivered a high quality session that spoke of literature whilst delivering personal life lessons: it was a day our children will never forget.
Bethany Junior School, April 2022heart wings

We didn't know what to expect from a virtual visit but Maz was everything we hoped and more. The children had plenty of time to get to know her, the journey she had been on and feel part of her world even for a brief period of time. We can honestly say she has inspired a class of children to get writing. Thank you.
Wick CE Primary, March 2022heart wings

We put real stock in our author visits, as they are so important to our children and the reading culture we work hard to embed at SSPP. Maz delivered in spades. Energetic, engaging and fascinating to listen to. She captured the imaginations of our pupils and held their focus and interest through her KS2 assembly and subsequent Q&A sessions. There is often a buzz when an author visits, and this is one that feels it will last for quite some time.
St Peter and Paul's Catholic Primary School, March 2002heart wings

I booked Maz for an author visit having already seen her talk at a previous school event. So, I already knew how great her session was and I was certainly not disappointed when she visited us for our book week.

Her whole school assembly was lively, fun and engaging with important messages throughout (linked to different themes in her books). I thought this was great for the children to hear about learning from their mistakes and working through different emotions from someone well known (not just school staff telling them).

The children had smiles on their faces throughout her assembly and Q&A session, due to her humorous responses and her honest answers to the children’s questions was great to see. She seemed very down to earth, approachable and inspiring.

Maz was a GREAT author to have and I wouldn’t hesitate to book her again.

Ashcott Primary School, March 2022heart wings

Thank you for a fantastic morning! The children were truly inspired and couldn't stop talking about you all day.
Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary, March 2022heart wings

The kids loved it and said that you were even more inspiring in real life than on the virtual one we had last year. They were buzzing about all your comments about editing, etc.

Thank you for inspiring everyone at Alton Park - teachers, LSAs and children alike!
Alton Park Primary, March 2022heart wings

Maz Evans was such an inspiring and engaging visitor to our school. She was simply wonderful with the children regaling them with funny stories and amazing advice for how to be a writer. I've no doubt her visit will be remembered and cherished forever by the children at Sandford St Martin's! Thank you Maz!
Sandford St Martin's Primary School, Feb 2022heart wings

Thank you so much for today! The students absolutely loved it and we had many more desperate to ask you questions!
And we didn't realise the second Vi is out! Ordering now.
You have really inspired the kids to read your books too :)
Terra Nova School, Feb 2022heart wings

Thank you so much for such a fabulous day. We enjoyed ourselves so much and really look forward to you visiting Portsmouth again.
The staff and pupils also had a great time and there were so many positive comments and very happy pupils with signed books.
Portsmouth School Libraries Service, Feb 2022heart wings

Thank you so much for this afternoon, the children are now all adamant that they will become authors! 
Thank you for your work. I have been a teacher for 6 years and never seen a group of children more engaged with a text.
Howe Green School, Dec 2021heart wings
It was a brilliant 45 minutes thank you. Everyone said that was the best author visit they've ever had so thank you ever so much Maz.
Pensford Primary School, Nov 2021heart wings

Wow! Next time you're having a day when you wonder whether it's all worth the hassle, please remember that there are a very excitable bunch of children in deepest, darkest Cambridgeshire who were literally hanging on your every word and have declared you are their very-favourite-and-absolutely-never-to-be-replaced author!

Ona personal note, thank you so much for making them feel like they weren't the gazillionth group of children who have asked you exactly the same questions and for making every single one of them feel special and noticed. We'll definitely be trying to book you in person at some point in the future if we still afford you once your new books have been released!
Brington Primary School, Nov 2021heart wings

I just want to say a huge thank you for today, the kids absolutely loved you! They are extremely excited (more than I thought) to actually read this book!
Thank you again for being so super, and thank you for making my first ever author ‘ visit’ so easy and fun!!
Scartho Junior Academy, Nov 2021heart wings

Just a quick message to say thanks for an entertaining afternoon! I know you have certainly inspired a number of children in my class which is absolutely what this has all been about.
St Michael's Middle School, Oct 2021heart wings

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the zoom this morning, all of the children loved it and have been on such a buzz for the rest of the day. It was fantastic!
Elmwood Junior School, Oct 2021heart wings

Thanks so much for the session you did for us on 18th June. I cannot tell you how much more ‘book talk’ we now have in the classroom. It is a remarkable change! ? The children’s writing based around the book is great; they are so engaged with the story.
Horsendale Primary, June 2021heart wings

I just wanted to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the virtual visit. You absolutely encapsulated every single person in the room, adults included, and we are all still revelling in the awe and wonder we felt from the experience. Children have continued to speak about it in class, often quoting your 'you will have a lot of nos in your life but you only need one yes' - particularly in relation to the upcoming Year 6 job role allocation! It was exactly what we all needed after a tough year, and I know that we will be looking to ensure this experience goes ahead for our Year 5s next year too.

Thank you for your energy and passion which came through despite you not being able to see us!
Barons Court School, June 2021heart wings

I just wanted to thank you so much for today. The children absolutely loved it and I know the year 5 also really enjoyed it. You were so great and even the more quiet and shy children felt comfortable to ask questions. You have inspired some budding authors in our school!
Priory Catholic School, June 2021heart wings

We all enjoyed your virtual session with us, it was so great for the children to meet the author of the book that they were currently reading 'Who let the God's Out' It brought life and purpose to their learning. This experience also  enriched their love for reading and inspired them as young writers. They put a lot of thought into their questions and your answers were both informative and entertaining. You gave them individual attention as they asked questions and shared their views, making them feel valued and smiling. Thank you.
Great Massingham CE Primary, May 2021heart wings

We all absolutely loved chatting to you and the children have been buzzing about it all day. You were so funny, warm and engaging and most importantly, you really explained the writing process, and this is something we try to emulate in school. We have ordered your other books for our library and there is already a waiting list for them!
Parkside Middle School, May 2021heart wings

Thank you so, so much for the virtual visits today, they were absolutely brilliant! The children loved the sessions and were so positive in their feedback. So many of our children have been inspired to write more, read more, or consider becoming an author themselves (and some even stand-up comedians as they found themselves in hysterics throughout!)

I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to talk to them all, they really have been so excitable all day, with many still singing “Who let the Gods out, WHO, WHO, WHO, WHO!” as they walked out the door at the end of the day. Even some of our quieter or more challenging children were absolutely transfixed by you on the call, which was just wonderful to see. Your vitality fed through to the children and they ended the call inspired, excited and thoroughly entertained, so once again, thank you.

We very much look forward to delving into the digital workshop packages and will definitely be ordering some more of your books into our library as they are all so desperate to read them!

Stanton School, Milton Keynes, May 2021heart wings

Maz is a true inspiration. Her virtual visit gave the children the opportunity to ask their own personal questions about 'Who Let the Gods Out?'. Maz responded to all questions with energy, enthusiasm and honesty. Her passion hooked the children and they left the session feeling inspired to write. We cannot thank her enough.
BIS Boston, April 2021heart wings

I just wanted to say that we here in Kennett absolutely loved your virtual visit. Thank you very much for it. I have loved learning about your books. We will definitely be getting your work.
Kennett Community Primary, Dec 2020heart wings

Thank you so much for the workshops yesterday. Our children have been so excited ever since! It was lovely as our session ended that one of my children enthusiastically announced “That was EPIC!”

For the entire afternoon, they shared their favourite moments and there truly was a buzz in the classroom. You have definitely captured their imagination and they have all begged me to have your next book as their class read in February (which we definitely will!)

Thank you so much for capturing their imagination.

Stanton Road Primary, Dec 2020heart wings

Maz's virtual visit was a wonderful fun-filled way to start our week. She is warm, enthusiastic and knows exactly how to engage a group of ten year olds. Her honest and funny answers have inspired even our more reluctant readers/writers and we can't wait to have her here in person.

City of London Freemen's School, Dec 2020heart wings

Maz provided an online Zoom session to our KS2 children across the morning, which were in the form of a Q and A session. Throughout the session Maz was an absolute JOY! She is so incredibly engaging with the children, perfectly pitching the tone - marrying humour with being informative perfectly. Her passion for writing was utterly infectious and came through so clearly despite not being able to be at our school in person. She was so open and giving with her responses too - sharing extracts from new material as well as answering a myriad of questions like Why isn't she an amazing nuclear physicist and why she's really rubbish at (almost) everything. As a teacher, I was also in awe of her ability to remember children's names too, referring back to children who had asked her a question some 20 minutes previously - this just shows how much she cares about what she is sharing with the children.

A wonderful session - we'd LOVE to have her back in!

Thanks again Maz, you were a delight.

Warden Hill Primary, Dec 2020heart wings

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for a fantastic virtual visit at Melton Primary School. After the visit, Penguins class attempted to write a diary entry using skills learnt from your perspective workshop and they showed great understanding.

The Year 5 and 6s thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you & thought you were hilarious (as did we all)! In fact, your books are on a lot of the pupils‘ Christmas lists now!

Melton Primary School, Nov 2020heart wings

The author visit from Maz was truly amazing and the staff thought it was brilliant..they were 'buzzing'. The staff felt that the children asked some really insightful questions and Maz was great with them telling them her inspiration for her writing and why she has little characters at the bottom of the pages. She also offered to read a story that two of the children are writing and she would give them feedback. It was really good and one of the teachers has gone out and bought all of her books to read!
Larkspur Primary, Nov 2020heart wings

Thank you so much for giving us two mornings of q&a sessions. They went down a storm and you get a massive thumbs up from the whole school.

Every class I’ve visited couldn’t wait to tell me about the sessions and the fact they were virtual was not a barrier to enthusiasm (on both sides).

We now have so many children who want to be authors and several classes are asking their teachers if they can write books.

Carclaze Community Primary School, Nov 2020heart wings

Thank you so much for the Zoom interview this morning! The children really loved it and it will make for a really memorable moment after a bit of a strange term stuck in the same seats and not being able to do much else! A few quotes I overheard form the children afterwards:

'She should be a comedian!'
'She was so hyper, I think she had too much sugar!'
'She's better than Michael McIntyre!'

Like I said, we love the book and are keeping it as part of our curriculum so each year group will read it. Hopefully the next year 5 class will be able to speak to you too next year!

Wansdyke School, Oct 2020heart wings

Thank-you for your time earlier, the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience talking to you and haven't stopped since. Thank-you for also being FUN and engaging it was brilliant! The children will remember what you spoke about for years to come.

Thanks for your help again (along with your resources - AMAZING).

RAF Benson School, Oct 2020heart wings

Maz gave us, staff and children alike, a fantastic afternoon. The KS2 assembly went down a treat with the perfect blend of laughter, entertainment, enthusiasm and inspiration. The children couldn't stop mentioning their wonderful experience and the teachers were utterly delighted too.
In the second half of her visit, she had a Year 6 class spellbound during her 1 hour workshop session, and the biggest disappointment was that we ran out of time as the children wanted even more. She was so brilliant that we want to get her back in again soon. If you need an author (and who doesn't?), book Maz now!
Anson Primary School, February 2020heart wings

Maz visited Year 5 in February for a wonderful morning to run alongside our Ancient Greek topic. She was inspiring in her presentation about becoming an author with a message of never giving up on your dreams. We are now over half way through reading WLTGO and the experience of having met Maz has made the book seem more personal. It was a morning that I hope our children will remember for a long time, thank you!
Muscliffe Primary, March 2020heart wings

We had a wonderful morning with you on Tuesday - thank you so much for entertaining us. We have your books being read everywhere around the school - including the boys - reading instead of football!
Merdon Junior School, March 2020heart wings

Thank you so much for visiting Weston Green - I can't tell you what am impact it has had opening children's eyes to not only your books but many other books I am recommending to the school - they now trust my judgement as you and your books were so awesome!
Weston Green School, Feb 2020heart wings

Just wanted to say how much we all enjoyed today. Such a fun experience. You really are an inspiration.
St Michael's Wimborne, Feb 2020heart wings

Thanks so much for Friday, it was brilliant. Loved the way you combined laughter with clear messages. The children were buzzing about it all day.
Gospel Oak Primary, Feb 2020heart wings

We had an incredible visit from Maz Evans, the author of the 'Who Let The Gods Out?' and many other fabulous books.
During our day, we all went to an assembly to hear about her life as an author and all of KS2 took part in a writing workshop. Our children were inspired and could not wait to ask Maz a copious amount of questions about becoming an author. This day really developed their love for reading and a fantastic day was had by all!
Christ The King, Bournemouth - Dec 2020heart wings

Today was just the most wonderful day so thank you so very much for coming all the way up to Newcastle to spend time with us! In just a few short hours, you managed to make the children (and the teachers) laugh, inspired them to write, developed their writing confidence, encouraged them to read more & ensured they never give up on their dreams! The buzz around school during the day was electric and is one I know will last for weeks so thank-you so very much … I don’t suppose there’s any chance of you coming back to do it all again tomorrow, is there?!
Royal Grammar School, Newcastle - Nov 2019heart wings

We are really grateful for the author visits; the children have not stopped reading Maz's books. I even had one child (a very reluctant boy reader) who said he stayed up half the night reading because he "really gets it". The power of an author visit can not be underestimated

Wells Festival of Literature, October 2019heart wings

Maz Evans is a great choice for an author visit. The children were buzzing after her presentation and workshop. The energy in the school was electric and the children’s writing pieces showed humour and clarity of voice.

The children were enthralled by Maz’s energy and wit, whilst also hearing valuable advice about perseverance and resilience. Maz creates a good rapport with her audience; this extends to her Q & A session and book signing activity after the talk. She interacts well with each child who asks her a question and, amazingly, remembers all of their names. We have had several author visits but this has been the best by far. We will certainly book her again.

Micklefield School, September 2019heart wings

Maz held our entire school completely spellbound with her wonderful anecdotes and inspirational success story. Every child left the room with the belief that they too can be incredible. And the Story Stew workshop... wow! The group of children we selected were enthused and extremely proud of their ideas and writing. Maz had a wonderfully positive impact on our children. Thanks Maz!
Ringwood Junior School, July 2019heart wings

Wow! I think everyone wants to be just like Maz when they grow up. What a huge bundle of energy that was such a joy to witness and be part of. The children were whisked away with her enthusiasm and we now have a school full of writers who cannot wait to get their stories down. Every child was valued wherever they were met in the school and the workshop was simply the best (pardon the pun)! Everyone needs to get a bit of Maz in their lives: I know we will be talking about this day for a very long time. What an absolute super star.
Middle Park Primary, June 2019heart wings

A personal note from our school to say a huge thank you for your wonderful talk yesterday. The kids, both the the Y5 pupils who had a Q &A with you and the Year 6 pupils who came to the hall thought yours was, to quote "the best author visit ever!"
Krishna Avanti School, June 2019heart wingsIt was a great pleasure to welcome you to Harrow yesterday, and on behalf of everyone here in the School Library Service and from the schools which have participated in the Harrow Junior Book Award this year I would like to say a huge thank you for making our celebration event so memorable. The children absolutely loved your session, which was both entertaining and inspiring, and several schools have asked me for your contact details because they would like all their children to have the chance to meet you. It was a wonderful conclusion to a year of reading and reviewing, and we hope very much that you will be back again to visit Harrow before too long.
Harrow Schools Library Service, June 2019heart wings

Simply inspirational! We had read ‘Who Let The Gods Out’ as a class reader and the children were extremely excited about Maz coming in to school. They went home, not only feeling ecstatic but also believing in their own abilities as writers. Thank you, Maz!
Sunninghill Prep School, May 2019heart wingsThank you so much for a brilliant school visit. I can’t even tell you what an impact you have made. It’s always really scary organising author visits because you hope with all your might that the person you’ve built up and promoted and recommended is as amazing as you hope- you exceeded all expectations.
The children adored you, I’ve had some lovely feedback from parents and the teachers and teaching assistants that were in with you were inspired and excited by your energy and the way you were with the kids.
The biggest compliment my class gave me afterwards was to say ‘She’s just like you Mrs Griffiths’
I mean if only!!!
Aldingbourne Primary, May 2019heart wings

A huge thank you from all of us here at TPS! Your visit was absolutely fantastic and the whole school has been buzzing ever since! I've had amazing feedback from staff, children and parents, thank you so much. You were entertaining from start to finish and effortlessly engaged every year group perfectly. Schools, if you want your children to connect with books and celebrate the joys of reading and creative writing, look no further!
Twickenham Prep School, March 2019heart wings

Thank you for finding the time to visit Devonshire. The children absolutely loved it! I have also spoken to countless teachers, who were all raving about your assembly - even one of our longer serving teachers, who has taken part in a fair few author visits over the years, said it was the best one she has ever been a part of.
Devonshire Primary, April 2019heart wings

What can I say? WOW. We knew it would be great but it exceeded all our expectations. Teachers loved it. Children loved it. The buzz Maz created throughout her time at our school was like no other author visit we have ever had. The workshops were fantastic and engaging and her assembly was full of humour, wit and important words of wisdom. Schools you MUST book Maz because I know for a fact that we will be talking about her visit for a very long time. Thank you so much for inspiring us all!
Princess Frederica School, March 2019heart wings

Maz, please accept my awe and gratitude! You were wonderful from the minute you arrived in school to the moment you left. Hilarious, inspiring, insightful; everyone here is singing your praises! You delivered an epic presentation that any Olympian would be proud of!

This was the perfect way to start our World Book Day celebrations as for once the pupils and staff are talking about what they are going to READ and not what they're going to wear! Hold The Daily Argus front page: Maz Evans is a STAR.
Claires Court School, March 2019heart wings

I really wanted to thank you for your absolutely brilliantly-entertaining assembly and workshops. Everyone was singing your praises and you have inspired a lot of people, staff and children alike! As well as being so funny that you made our faces ache with laughing, your message was just right and what we try to tell the children all the time.

It’s also great to see so many children reading your books!
Yarrells Prep, March 2019heart wings

Thank you so much!

You made such a huge impact on our school today! We are eternally grateful and seriously, if you are ever in the area and fancy a free lunch or a cup of herbal tea you would be so very welcome! I just picked up the email below and had to forward it to you immediately!

“Maz was hilarious! She was so cool and so much fun. I felt a bit star struck because she was so awesome. I love all the different scenes and games she played. The Knock Knock jokes were amazing cliffhangers and the Battles of the Greek Gods (eg Mr F vs Mr T with balloon animals) were really funny. I loved it when she read to us from her own books too. The Queen in full ninja mode! The best bit of the day was seeing how happy Maz was about her latest book coming out, and her telling us about the book being dedicated to her son and how he is ‘the most wonderful thing she’s ever created, but remember to flush the loo!’”
Warminster Prep, February 2019heart wings

Wow, what a whirlwind of inspiration, storytelling, fun and bookiness. Maz is a super star of epic proportions and the whole school have fallen ever so slightly in love with her. A witty, entertaining and engaging Key Stage Two talk was followed by some great Q&A sessions and then a very patient and ever-enthusiastic Maz undertook a marathon of book signing. Book Maz now, she is part of author visit royalty!
Great Malvern Primary, January 2019heart wings

A HUGE thank you to you Maz - it was a tremendous morning. We loved it and all the pupils loved it, we can't thank you enough!!
We would love for you to do it again each year! :)
Talbot Heath School, January 2019

heart wings


It was wonderful to meet you at last on Wednesday. Thank you so much for delivering two fantastic workshops. Listening to the children afterwards, they really enjoyed themselves and were thrilled to have met you. My friend's son was in one of the workshops, he says that his son has not stopped talking about you!
King Edward VI, November 2018heart wings

To say we are enthusiastic members of the Gods Squad is something of an understatement so Maz’s visit was much anticipated by everyone in KS2. Oh my, she certainly did not disappoint! This was, without doubt, the best author visit ever! From the moment she arrived, Maz sprinkled her magic. Her assembly was hilarious, inspiring and full of important messages – not just for writing but for life. She made everyone she spoke to feel valued and special. Her workshops engaged everyone - Story Stew with our LKS2 produced amazing ideas which they shared with enthusiasm. WLTGO diary writing prompted lots of thinking and discussion about viewpoint and has resulted in really thoughtful writing. Our Y6 class are seasoned Gods Squad members and their excitement was off the scale! Their time with her was magical – they will never forget it and neither will I. We’ve had such lovely feedback from parents and children. The following Saturday I even overheard a parent in a well - known book shop asking for a book about gods that his daughter hadn’t stopped talking about since the author had visited her school. I was so distracted I walked out without paying for my pens and had to rush back! A special mention to Richard from Pea Green Boat Books who made the whole buying and signing of books seamless and easy. I cannot recommend booking the lovely Maz enough. If you get the opportunity – go for it! I can absolutely guarantee it will be one of the highlights of your school year and in my case – my actual career!!!! Thank you Maz from us all.
Monkton Park Primary School, October 2018heart wings

Maz's delivery of both the assembly and the workshop was fantastic! Both staff and children thoroughly enjoyed the day and it was great to see so many previously reluctant writers desperate to write and share their ideas and stories.'
- Francesca Wiltshire

Here are a few from children:
'Maz Evans was really energetic! I loved how she inspired me and made me excited about reading!' - Ronnie - Y5
'Maz Evans really inspired me to believe that I should always believe in myself. The whole day was amazing! We did a workshop, where we had to make our own story about a character who wanted something. She signed my book for me and even thinks that I'm a star'
'Maz Evans has really inspired me to write my own story.'
Brunswick Park Primary, October 2018heart wings

Maz's visit was absolutely amazing - from the moment she arrived, the whole school was buzzing with an excitement that continued throughout the day and can still be felt days later. All of our Key Stage 2 were enthralled and highly entertained by her Assembly but also came away with deep and long-lasting messages, including the importance of sharing your problems with adults, the universality of stories and that every single one of them is a writer. In the workshops, our Year 4s were all able to (completely independently) plan and tell a story, some of them for the first time. Many of the children went home and chose to write stories that evening, and I had several parents come and tell me that it was the first time their child had chosen to write in their free time. Besides all of that good stuff, we (staff and children) had an enormous amount of fun and are now fully fledged super-fan members of Maz's God Squad! If you are looking for an author to visit your school, I cannot recommend Maz highly enough. She is not only a bestselling author but also hilarious, empathetic, kind and inspiring. Thank you for visiting us, Maz!
Horsenden Primary, October 2018heart wings


We at Gilded Hollins in Lowton just wanted to say a huge ,’Thank you!’ for such a wonderful writing event today. You managed to engage and enthuse every year group from Year 1 through to a SATs-weary Year 6. No mean feat!
From start to finish a top class day. Please come back soon!
Gilded Holins, June 2018heart wings

What can I say?? That was an absolute triumph! I’ve been telling people that yours was perhaps the best author visit I’ve arranged in all my time here – and there have been a fair few! The boys are absolutely full of it, and I had a queue at my desk this morning clutching their permissions to get extra books (and many emails came in from parents overnight also).

Everything about your presentation was perfect, I thought: it was brilliantly paced; had enough about the book to whet their appetite; plenty for them to laugh at (they are still consoling me over my defeat as goddess of wisdom); and the teachers thought the way you brought in the message that they should tell an adult about their concerns at the beginning of the talk, and ended with the wonderful message to persevere in the face of ‘no’s’, was spot-on (they were also very impressed by the way you gave the boys some wriggle-time after 30 minutes, something that is highly recommended in the classes here!). I have been basking in reflected glory…

So a thousand thanks to you, Maz. I really am very grateful to whatever gods are still kicking around up there that you were able to squeeze us into your schedule.
Dulwich Prep School, June 2018heart wings

Our visit from Maz far exceeded all expectations. The assembly had all pupils hooked on her every word, and was the perfect combination of humour, book talk and teacher competitiveness. The pupils also thoroughly enjoyed the creative writing workshops and came away from them overcome with a desire to go and read the Who Let Gods Out trilogy immediately! Maz's enthusiasm, natural engagement and creative flair are instantly contagious and made the day incredibly special for our pupils. The feedback from all adults and children was incredibly positive and I would gladly ask her to deliver assemblies on a weekly basis! Thank you for a wonderful visit.
Fulbridge Academy, May 2018heart wings

If you are looking to create a buzz about reading and writing in your school, this is the author event for you. From the moment Maz walked into our school, every single child and adult had a smile on their face, with conversations about her assembly, writing workshops and books spreading wide across the school and into the local community. A truly fantastic day!
Rothley Primary, May 2018heart wingsWell, what can I say - the day was even more brilliant than I'd imagined! Children and staff alike are still on cloud nine and I know your Story Stew method will continue to inspire.
Alleyn Court, May 2018heart wings"You are incredibly inspiring" Amelie
"You have inspired me to read a lot more than I normally do" Nuala
"Thank you for encouraging me to never give up on what I want to be in life" Ewan
"This morning was a morning to remember. Mr Atkins tells me that less is more and you did to, so I am going to try my hardest to do that in my writing." Abi
"Maz is really funny and inspiring. I learnt how you can create a simple story and turn it in to something amazing." Liv
"I'd been waiting for Maz to come for weeks" Maya
"I learnt that everyone is an amazing writer" Bella
"I was so excited when you came into school and did a brilliant workshop with me and my friends" Imogen
"Your visit was truly inspirational and heart-warming" Meg
"You have inspired me to become an author when I am older" Holly
"Maz has really inspired me to make my work really interesting and has given me tips so that I can make my work even better" Kenya
"Maz gave me lots of tips on being an author. It was an amazing experience" Freya
"A visit I will never forget"Caleb
"You have inspired me to become an author when I am older" Matt
St Mary’s on the Mount, April 2018heart wings

Maz’s visit was a truly brilliant experience! Our children were engaged from the moment she arrived and her presence generated a buzz that was memorable – she was the talk of the playground, classroom and dining hall (for all the right reasons!).
A high energy day that was exciting yet thoughtful. The engagement of the children in the workshops led to some impressive writing, exploring characters perspectives and viewpoints. Thinking about and then using skills that will be applicable back in class.
An amazing day that will live long in the memory for everyone.

I was really excited about Maz Evans coming to our school, when she did it was amazing! She worked with us to write a diary entry from one of her characters point of view, made us burst into laughter and we got to ask questions. Maz is funny, good at listening and friendly. We had such a great time; we’d love to see her again! Emma (Year 6)

Maz is funny, approachable and friendly: this is why we all enjoyed her visit to Oakham Primary. She had arranged fun activities and games for us to join in with. All of Maz’s books are hilarious yet heart-breaking. We would love to see her back at Oakham Primary as she when she comes she brings lots of giggles! Gracie-Mae (Year 6)
Oakham Primary, April 2018heart wings

Following the success of our Year 5 children studying 'Who Let The Gods Out?' as part of their Ancient Greek topic, I explored Maz's website a little further to look into the possibility of a school visit. She was extremely accommodating from word go, and we were lucky enough to book her in the week prior to World Book Day. As we are trying hard to raise the profile of reading within our school, Maz's whole-school assembly, workshops and opening of our new library was the perfect hook into our high reading focus.

Although only Year 5 and 6 were aware of her wonderful books, every single child from Year 1 to 6 thoroughly enjoyed her assembly which was full of laughter, games and huge smiles. This was then followed by workshops for all year groups, which were once again pitched perfectly for all ages. The children loved the freedom of the writing tasks, and the positive feedback Maz gave all children was motivating for all. A few weeks later, I am still receiving wonderful feedback from parents, children and staff. Thank you Maz for providing such a magical experience for each and every one of our children!
St Mary's Folkestone, Feb 2018

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Maz's enthusiasm, humour and high octane energy created such a buzz that even our most reluctant and less confident writers were itching to grab their pens and start writing. An amazing day by an amazing author.
Summerville Primary, Feb 2018

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Thank you so much for a fab morning yesterday - totally bonkers but very fruitful and creative! The children ( and staff ) loved you, and everyone who has seen me this morning has said what a brilliant morning it was!
Ferndown Middle School - Feb 2018

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We were blessed to have a visit from Maz in January 2018. Her whole-school assembly was both inspiring and entertaining, with a bit of teacher-bashing (literally!) thrown in for good measure! Several of the staff described it as 'the best author assembly we've ever had'.
Maz’s energy, enthusiasm and encouragement in her 'Story Stew' workshop left the year 5 children buzzing with self-belief in their writing capabilities, using a simple but memorable recipe for story-writing. It was a truly wonderful day which will be remembered for a long, long time.
Maz spreads a little magic which lingers long after she's left the building. If you get the chance to have her visit your school, snap it up.
Queen Boudica Primary, Jan 2018heart wings

We have had the absolute pleasure and privilege of Maz visiting our school for a whole day, and I can say she was truly an inspiration for all our children and teachers. It was a memorable occasion that will stay with us as a school for years to come. Her humorous, energetic style had the children hooked from the minute she walked through the door. Her story stew is a simple, yet effective, way to hook children into writing stories, and is something that our children are using to write their own stories- they are brimming with ideas. Maz took the time to speak to our children one to one, developing confidence in even the most reluctant writer; this really meant a lot to them . I cannot recommend Maz highly enough- book her NOW!
R L Hughes Primary, Jan 2018heart wings

A huge thanks for coming in to Heathlands today. All of the staff I've spoken to were really impressed with the assembly (mainly because it involved ridiculing me!) and we are so grateful for the way in which you engaged the children in our classes. Also, for how you were willing to give each child so much of your time. They loved your energy, passion and enthusiasm. All of the children now have a clear structure to begin drafting their stories and that is testament to your fantastic workshop.
Heathlands Primary, Jan 2018heart wings

A massive thank you for coming to visit us in Milton Keynes! The children have not stopped talking about the day Maz Evans The Author came to school. A superb workshop with a fun and vibrant delivery. Maz has engaged some of our most reluctant readers and writers and motivated them to believe that they CAN be writers and readers of the future.

We have sincerely loved every page of Who Let The Gods Out and have laughed out loud together as we’ve read.
“I absolutely loved it when I shared my story with Maz, she made me feel like it was the best story in the world!”
Charlie Shults.
“Thank you for the encouragement and methods to help me write a fantastic story!”
Rion Smith
Cold Harbour Primary, Nov 2017

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Maz was absolutely fabulous from the moment she entered our school, till the moment she left.  She inspired so many children and was especially good with those children, who otherwise might be hard to engage.  My class have been frantically writing ever since and she really brought story writing alive for each and every child, that day, who had the privilege to meet her.   Thankyou Maz for teaching the future generation that they all could have a special story inside them just waiting to be brought alive. 
The Grange School, Nov 2017

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We were all delighted with the event – it was great fun and there were so many positive comments from pupils, staff and parents. The book sale broke all records!

Some comments from Year 6:

  • I loved the way she explained how to create stories – it was really exciting.
  • I loved the way she came up with original ideas for stories.
  • Maz Evans was entertaining and exciting.
  • She was funny and amazingly good at everything.
  • She like Greek Myths and I like Greek Myths. They’re the best.
  • Who Let The Gods Out is a great page-turner.
  • She threatened to blow up story hills and her planning sheet was awesome.
  • She was funny and she hated Frozen!

Truro Prep School, Nov 2017heart wings

Maz visited the school to do an assembly and managed to enthuse and captivate an audience from year 4 to year 8. Her passion for writing is totally infectious she empowered the children to believe that they too could fulfil their dreams if they kept trying and never gave up. The presentation was highly interactive and entertaining that the children found totally irresistible. We've had the most amazing feedback from SLT, children and parents, one child even ran all the way home and back again just so he could buy a book signed by Maz. I would highly recommend Maz to any school looking to encourage reading for pleasure, we have a school full of children with noses in books thanks to this inspiring visit.
Whitchurch Primary, Nov 2017

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Just wanted to say a massive thank you for today. We all loved your visit, we found it hilarious, engaging and inspiring- the children have been badgering us to write their stories.
Kingsclere Primary, Nov 2017

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How do you keep 300 children occupied for most of a morning? Invite Maz Evans, of course! Incredibly infectious with her enthusiasm for anything ancient, she had the whole school on the edge of their seats (or bottoms) with teacher quiz shows, balloon making session, writing tips and excerpts from her two books, Who Let the Gods Out? And Simply the Quest.

We still refer to her editing tips and words of wisdom about never giving up and her books continue to ignite our pupils’ imagination, two months on.
Southborough Primary, Oct 2017

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Absolutely fantastic day today. Our Year5 and 6 children met the actual author of 'Who let the Gods Out' and experienced the best story writing workshops I have seen. The only problem was trying to say goodbye at the end of the day, with several budding future authors clinging to her coat-tails, desperate to tell her their future career plans! Thanks for a wonderful day.
Bronte House School, Sept 2017

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Maz was, with no exaggeration, Simply The Best. She had the kids hook, line and sinker with her engaging and active presentations about reading and writing stories. The children all left the sessions inspired to read and write and haven’t stopped talking about it since. It will be a memory they carry for the rest of their lives. To sum it up: MEGA BOSH.
St Silas Primary, Toxteth

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As soon as Maz entered our school there was a buzz about the place and her captivating whole school assembly had children and teachers hooked from the start. The range of entertaining and engaging workshops from throughout the day had our children and teachers inspired, and imaginations were running wild as the story writing began. Please come back soon.
New Park Primary, Liverpool

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... Wow, what an amazing day we had with Maz and that's just the teachers! Her fun filled creative writing workshops, got our children enthusiastic to write and taught them all that we all have amazing imaginations, we just need to open them!
 After launching our book week with a whole school assembly, she captivated every child in the room and inspired them to write in year group workshops. Little did they know that thy were learning story writing techniques that will stay with them forever. The stories they produced following her workshops are amazing. We wish we could have her everyday!
Alma Park Primary, Manchester

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Thank you so much - we had the most amazing time and I know that the children were definitely inspired by the work you did with them. Your passion and obvious enjoyment of what you do enthused all of us (children and staff) and we really can't thank you enough - it was just what we needed!!
St George’s VA Primary School, Weston Super Mareheart wings


Mary - what can I say? In all honesty I had the best day I've had in teaching... Brilliant."
Hampton Court House School

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Mary Evans has been a great addition to our curriculum and enrichment activities at Meadlands Primary School. Initially, Mary worked with staff on an INSET day and introduced us to her story stew plan which the children have loved. Even though we were asked to come up with 6 different uses for a lightbulb on the spot, we did invite her back! We held a reading week to coincide with World Book Day. Mary came and led a fantastic assembly to launch the week then led workshops in every class. Following on from this success, under Mary’s energetic but very astute planning, we held two family workshops for lower and upper key stage 2. Mary is a delight to work with and is flexible, enthusiastic and loved by our children!"
Meadlands Primary School

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"Mary Evans certainly knows how to stir a room of children up with her ‘Story Stew’. The atmosphere in school during Mary’s visit was electric! Mary has quite honestly sparked the imagination of every single child who witnessed her energetic performance. She whips the children up into a frenzy of excitement and inspires them to write.

"Mary’s ‘Story Stew’ is teaching at its best – the children had no idea that they were learning about story structures and writing techniques but the stories I have read would illustrate outstanding learning. I’m sure Mary’s visit to school will be the highlight of the year for most of the children. We look forward to welcoming Mary back with her story magic next year! Many thanks Mary from all at Sheen Mount."
Ciaran Beatty, Literacy Co-ordinator, Sheen Mount Primary School

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"Mary introduced Story Stew during a whole school assembly that completely captivated the audience of 4-11 year olds. They were really inspired by the idea that a story really can be about anything, with the only limit being their imaginations.

"The Story Stew rhyme gave them an easy to remember structure for their stories and enabled them to put their ideas on to paper with greater confidence, knowing that they could be as creative and inventive as they wanted to be."
Laura Wiles, Literacy Co-ordinator, Holy Trinity Primary School, Richmond